Premiere of Listen to Seatle 2pm September 26

Listen to Seattle will premier on September 26 at the Duwamish Longhouse. Coincidentally on this date in 1851, Lee Terry and David Denny first arrived at Alki point. Listen to Seattle will honor the city's namesake and the tribal struggle to coexist with whites.

Captain Phelps of the Decatur describes Seattle in 1856

"Few places are more advantageously situated for a business emporium than Seattle--located on an amphitheatre of gently sloping hills, with clear, pure, cold water to be found everywhere a few feet below the surface; and surrounded by a country with the finest ship and spar timber to be found in the whole world; with the land possessing a soil capable of producing in the greatest profusion and unsurpassed in quantity and quality--all kinds of cerials [sic], vegetables, fruits and berries usually found North of the 38th parallel of North latitude; and possessing a climate teeming with health, and so salubrious, as to render it at all times an antidote to despondency; where the nights are always cool, insuring refreshing slumber and a renewed, invigorated system on awakening--physically prepared for all the emergencies of life; and, during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months, presenting weather unexcelled [sic] in any quarter of the globe.
"The waters of the Sound are filled with excellent salmon in their season succeeded by cod and many other varieties of fish, while the forest abound in game."